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Extraction Services

Ascent Naturals utilizes cryogenic ethanol extraction technology to extract from hemp.  Why did we select this method?

  • Extraction Efficiency: Our technology boasts an extraction efficiency of over 90%.  We have tested our biomass before and after extraction to confirm this efficiency.  

  • Cost Efficiency:  Ethanol extraction is highly cost-efficient.  For the same level of investment, ethanol has up to 20x the throughput capability of supercritical CO2 extraction.

  • Processing Efficiency: Unlike traditional ethanol extraction, cryogenic processing (-80 C) does not pull fats and lipids from the hemp plant eliminating the need for a separate lengthy winterization process. Processing time is reduced and yields improved, saving time and money.

  • Safety: Ethanol is much safer to handle than other hydrocarbons (i.e. butane), and doesn't need to operate at super-high pressures (like CO2).

  • Sustainability:  Ethanol is recovered and reused to process additional hemp biomass.

  • Quality:  Ethanol, (aka pure alcohol) has GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status.  That means it is safe to use in food (and drink) products.

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What does all of that mean to you?  You can get the highest quality, most cost-efficient hemp concentrates and consumer products from Ascent Naturals.  Try us!


While we purchase most of the biomass we extract, we also partner with farmers to process their biomass on a Tolling basis.

  • Tolling means that the farmer pays for processing the biomass, however, all output from processing goes back to the farmer.  What goes back can be any stage of processing - Full Spectrum Extract, Distillate, Terpenes, or Packaged Consumer Goods Product, ready for sale.  

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