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Proven Quality

Time & Time Again


Fully cGMP Compliant

Fully documented | Fully traceable|  Fully tested

We know that the only way to build trust with our clients is through proven, reliable, and repeatable quality.  If you tour our facility, whether onsite or virtually, we know you will immediately recognize the difference a compliant GMP facility offers.

Fully Documented

Every batch and procedure is fully documented to maintain:

  • Quality - to ensure every client knows exactly how their product was manufactured and why it is compliant.

  • Consistency - to reproduce our outstanding products time and time again.

  • Improvement - to review current processes and identify efficiencies.

  • Innovation - to explore new ideas, methods, and products.

Test Tubes.JPG

Fully Traceable

As the FDA adage goes, "If it's not documented, it didn't happen."

We document every manufacturing step in our product batch records. We trace every ingredient and component usage through the manufacturing and packaging processes. These are available for our customer's review.  We believe in full transparency.   We know your trust is invaluable and we make every effort to ensure we don't lose it.

Fully Tested

We create the highest quality products and we can prove it.

Every stage of our process is tested.  We test incoming raw materials, intermediate ingredients we manufacture (extracts), bulk products, and packaged goods.  This testing is all summarized and made available on the Certificate of Analysis (COA) the accompanies your products; and, we include a Certificate of Compliance (COC) with every batch we manufacture

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